In his second book, Jorge takes us into a different world, one so closed to everyone and yet inhuman and grotesque. The time he was imprisoned and accused of trying to overthrow the government was part of the torture he had to endure and that change his life and his perspective for ever. In this book you can find the real story of 10 of the 15 killed by the firing squad during this tragic time in Guatemalan history. You will also find stories of things he saw and heard inside the different prisons in his country that gave him the resolve to keep working for justice and equality. In this book you, will find stories of simple people making simples mistakes that change their lives for ever.
A book written in the style of a short novel. While simple, it contains a strong message and a clear picture of the abuses of the Guatemalan authorities. The Kidnap and the Torture takes us into some of the details on how a group Guatemalans, tired of the abuses and violations to their rights, banded together and made the mistake of selecting a military general to lead the country and pave the road to democracy. They found out that this religious fanatic, instead of shining a beam of hope to Guatemala, took the country into one of its darkest times and wrote the bloodiest and saddest pages of its history. Jorge tells about the physical and psychological torture he had to endure for what seem to him to be an eternity and that he almost surely would not survive.